“Hawaiian Pizza” – Music Video

“Hawaiian Pizza” was written by Will Shishmanian for the 2015 release of his EP “To The Corner and Back.” This video stars Aidan Gorrell and CJ Thibeau. Special Thanks to Alanna Edwards, Billy DeCoursey, and Laura Salvatore for their support on this production.

Jesse directed, produced, shot, and edited this music video. Jesse’s old band, Defenders of Pluto, played many shows with Will’s old band, Llama Tsunami, back when they were both in high school in southeastern Connecticut. Their friendship grew from there, and Jesse is thrilled to have been able to make this video for Will as they both begin the next phases of their careers. The whole experience was a blast, and there are definite hopes that this will not be the last Edwards-Shishmanian production!

“Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Head” – Tiny Desk Concert Audition

“Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Head” was written by Daphne Lee Martin for the 2015 release of Fall On Your Sword, and this performance features Meghan Killimade on drums, Corina Malbaurn on bass, Richard Martin, Trevor Giles, and Michael Walters on backing vocals, Isaac Young on keys, and Daphne Lee Martin and Andrew Camacho (better known as SuaveSki) on lead vocals.

This video is our submission for the amazing NPR All Songs Considered Tiny Desk Concert contest of 2016. We listen, we love, and we support this grand endeavour and are so pleased to share our song with other folks that do.

Jesse directed, produced, shot, and edited this video. The concept was to bring together a number of Daphne’s talented friends, and to make something both intimate and compelling. Daphne and Jesse have known each other for nearly Jesse’s whole life, and they look forward to working on more video projects in the future.


Kindred Spirits

When Riley and her brother Ben attend a grief counseling retreat after the death of their sister, someone decides that the dead need company.

Jesse produced this 18 minute horror film as part of a 400-level filmmaking workshop class that he took in the Fall of 2013. He worked with his good friend and film partner Daniel White over the course of three and a half months to coordinate a dozen cast and crew members and to bring this thrilling film to life.